Competition Rules and Regulations

Competition Rules and Regulations

1   All non-professional choirs are eligible to take part in this competition. With the exception of the conductors, all the singers must be amateurs, i.e. they do not earn their livelihood by singing professionally. No person shall compete as a member of more than one choir or group in the same competition.

2   In categories with age limits, a maximum of 10% of the singers may exceed the age limit by not more than 2 years. The organizer reserves the right to check the ages of the singers.

3   The order of performances within a category is scheduled at random.

  Choirs only allowed to compete in a maximum of THREE categories but not in the same voicing category (e.g. choir in A1 cannot take part in A2). Pieces are NOT to be repeated when a choir enrolls in more than one category. Separate repertoire pages should be filled out for each category of competition for registration.

5   Only LIVE ACCOMPANIMENTS and ORIGINAL ACCOMPANIMENTS SCORE are permitted. The use of any kind of playback or soundtrack is strictly prohibited.

6   In categories, in which a cappella pieces are required, a maximum of three instruments without definite pitch may be used.

7   CHANGES OF KEY for compositions by living composers are permitted only when a written permission by the composer is submitted. Choirs that wish to sing in the transposed keys for earlier works such as Renaissance works are to inform the festival office in advance and indicate on the scores submitted.

8   ACTUAL SINGING TIME is the duration of the performed pieces not including the duration of applause, walking on and coming off stage. Competitors can expect to be penalised if stipulated time limits are exceeded in their performance.

Time Over-Run Penalty
Up to 30 seconds Nil
30 seconds – 1 minute 5%
1 minute – 1.5minutes 10%
1.5 minutes – 2 minutes 15%
Over 2 minutes


9   5 Scores have to be submitted for every composition registered for the competition. If the choir is nominated for Grand Prix competition, 5 scores of the new programme have to be submitted.

10   One score remains with the organizer after the competition. The scores can be collected from the organizer after the award ceremony. Uncollected scores will not be sent by mail.

11   Only original scores or authorized copies of published works may be sung.  All scores must be submitted by mail or personally on registration day (1 July, 2018) as hard-copy.

12   Acoustic checks in competition venues will NOT be provided by the festival.

13   With application, all choirs agree to the rules and conditions of the competition, to recording and broadcasts in sound and/or television as well as any other sound or visual recording being made in the context of this event, all rights resulting from such recording belong to organizers. Unauthorized audio/visual recording during competitions and concerts is strictly prohibited. The festival reserves the right to use these official photographs in future publicity.

14   Decisions of the jury are final and cannot be contested.