Festival Programme

Choir Competition

The Competition is the main highlight of our festival with the largest prize money awarded. It is through the competition that participants learn to work together to achieve a common goal.

School/ Choir Exchange

Participating Choirs will be given the opportunity to interact with other choir from other nations. It is through such sessions that they interact, relate and forge lasting friendships

Mass Master Class

The mass master class aims to provide participants with an all-rounded learning experience.

Individual Master Class

During the individual master class, choir members together with the choir conductor will be able to work specifically on the choir’s strengths and weaknesses identified by the adjudicators during the Competition

Public Performance

Choirs will have various opportunities to perform in various locations in Singapore, from education institutions to the various attractions in Singapore to increase their exposure to the Singapore audience

Public Concert for a Social Cause

The public concert aims at raising social awareness, developing character and civic mindedness in the youth participants. Through the concert, participants have an opportunity to work and perform together in the concert for greater exposure and contribute towards meaningful social causes.

Gala Concert/ Closing Ceremony

Each category winner will present their winning choral pieces to the other participants and visiyors at the grand Prix competition.