According to the scores attained, choirs will be awarded the following:

GOLD Diploma

Summa cum Laude

Grade I

Grade II

Grade III

95 points and above

90 points and above

85 points to 89.90 points

80 points to 84.90 points

SILVER Diploma

Grade I

Grade II

Grade III

75 points to 79.90 points

70 points to 74.90 points

65 points to 69.90 points

BRONZE Diploma

Grade I

Grade II

Grade III

60 points to 64.90 points

55 points to 59.90 points

50 points to 54.90 points

Category Winners:

The choir that is awarded the Gold diploma with the highest score in a category will be the category winner.  It will receive a trophy and a certificate.  Furthermore, a cash prize will be awarded when there are at least 3 competing choirs in the same category.

Grand Prix Winner:

The jury will nominate the category winners or top 5 scorers to the Grand Prix competition.   The winner of the Grand Prize Competition will receive the special Grand Prize Trophy and cash prize of S$20,000.00

The Grand Prix competition programme must contain 2 a cappella works, which are not sung by the choir in any category competition.  The maximum duration of these 2 pieces is 8 minutes.  The Grand Prix competition will take place during the final evening of the festival on 4 July, 2018.

Special Jury Awards:

The jury may award additional special prizes for outstanding artistic achievements e.g. Conductor’s Prize, Best Interpretation Prize and etc.

Special Prize:

A special prize will be awarded for the best performance of a Singapore composition or arrangement.


Exceptionally outstanding choirs may be delegated for the next competition.


Cash Prize


SGD $20,000

A1 Category Winner

SGD $800

A2 – A3, B1 – B2, E, K and S Category Winner

SGD $600

A4, B3, C, F and G Category Winner

SGD $500

*Category winner cash prize will be awarded ONLY when the choir is awarded the Gold Diploma and there are at least 3 competing choirs in the same category.