Adjudication & Evaluation

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Adjudication & Evaluation

1. The jury consists of a panel of five international choral experts. The decisions of the jury are final and cannot be contested.

2. Each choir will be evaluated on a 100-point system based on the following criteria:

a. Technicality (40%)
Intonation, Rhythm, Diction, Dynamics, and Balance;

b. Musicality (40%)
Fidelity to partitur (Adherence to Original Score), Phrasing, Interpretation, and Style;

c. Overall impression (20%)
Programming, Expression and Overall Artistic Impression.

3. Each adjudicator will give the scores independently. The final result is based on the average of the scores given by each adjudicator.

Sample Evaluation Table used for Scoring

Adjudicator (a) Technicality 40% (b) Musicality 40 % (c) Overall impression 20% TOTAL (100%)
Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 (a) Avg 40% Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 (b) Avg 40%
Adjudicator 1
Adjudicator 2
Adjudicator 3
Adjudicator 4
Adjudicator 5
Total Average Points